Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well, guess what! we adopted a cat! Her name is Clohie, but we are still deciding what we should name her. If you look to the right, these are then names we are deciding between.: Clohie, spooky, Scout, and Blacky. She is Black with white socks and a white stomach, with a little goatee. She is beautiful and is always out exploring her new home. We love her already, and Mia is getting used to sharing her parents attention with her.

Also, on Sunday, Mia started crawling. Se still not very good at it, but she is working on it, and loves to play on the floor with her toys. She never stops moving. :)

We hope everyone has a great first day at school! good luck!


Lisa said...

I missed the poll but I like Scout! Thank you for the pictures of Mia! I cant get over how adorable she is! She looks a lot like you. I love the slide show you have posted too!

Dedra said...

yeah she's crawling! it just keeps getting fun from here.

♥ Natalie said...

I am sure that you have already named your Cat by now, but guess what?! I had a black cat that looked just like that, and we named her "Spooky" ~ one of the names on your list!!! How funny.

Well, here I am, keeping my promise!!! Send me an email with your email address and I will send an invite to my ultra-locked blog.... . You guys looked so great at the party! It was good to see you again for a minute. Yay, for blogging buddies to keep in touch!!!!