Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Visits and Growing Up

Recently We've had a lot of visits from friends out of town and old friends we haven't seen in a while. Mia has had a lot of fun getting to know them and playing with her new-found friends, while Adam and I have caught up with them on all the news. like my friend Brianne from Utah came down to and we went out to lunch, then the Richardsons from Indiana for Dinner, My friends Ivy and Shilo also for lunch, and lots of friends from our old ward at a baby shower for Amber. Life is just moving so fast and so many things have been happening that I can't Keep up with them. Oh, and I can't forget one of the best visits . . . Rachel, my sister has come home for the summer from BYU. Its just been so busy around here, and now school is out for the summer, so maybe we'll have more visits or possibly I'll go somewhere. who knows :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ronald McDonald

Adam recently has been growing out his hair and yesterday he finally decided that he would cut it. He figured it looked too scraggly and need to look more professional for his job interviews he will be having soon. His family and I at dinner last night decided that his hair reminded us all of Ronald McDonald and his red afro hair. lol. I thought that everyone would get a kick out of his hair. :)