Monday, April 21, 2008


Last Thursday, I went to a institute class with my mom, and we were studying King David in the Old Testament. We discussed David and his relationship with his sons. all throughout the class I was thinking about how my relationship with Mia will be and how if she dies, what would I do. She has become one of the most important people in my life. And I never could have imagined how much I could love her before she came to my family. She is such a joy and is learning new things every day. I want to be there for her, to teach her to love the gospel and have good manners, and so many other things. King David, I think loved his sons but didn't teach them and help them discover what they do wrong to help them better themselves. I hope I can do this for Mia.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Recently I've been thinking about how Jenna and John, my two youngest siblings, keep themselves occupied. Many of the times when I go to visit my Mom, Jenna and/or John are on the computer playing with their webkins. I just think about how I played with my other sister Rachel. Our Favorite thing to do was play with our Barbies. We set up the town and made new clothes for them, but my favorite thing to do with them was to build a house. One time, after I really had outgrown playing with them, but RAchel conned me into playing with her, I made a house out of cardboard and shoeboxes. hehehe :) It was like 5'X 5' at least. I still chuckle at the memories we had together. There were no other kids our age in the neighbor hood of 7 or 8 houses back in New Jersey. We became the best of friends. I miss her, but she will be home from BYU in about a week!! YAY!! This picture is of where our house was, but the area looks much different than when we moved to AZ about 10 years ago.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, Recently Mia has started to Smile more and respond to my voice! Isn't that exciting!!! I find it the best. :) She is the cutest little one, and I have to say that the dress she is wearing today is so cute. And the best part is.... she matches her room. I did her room in Yellow, red gingham, and ladybugs, just like her dress. I'm silly i know, but She is so darling I can't get over it. Another great thing is that she is wearing my mom's old shoes she wore when she was little. they are darling!! She is both of her grandmother's pride and joy. We love visiting with our family.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well, today my sister texted me that her boyfriend had come up to BYU, where she is at college to visit her. And the exciting news is that he popped the question today!! :) I'm going to have a brother-in-law! isn't that great! Rachel is stoked and said that the engagement date is set for July 4th, but my only question is whether the temple is open for weddings on a holiday like that. Oh, and here is a picture of the ring.

My family is so excited to the next newest addition into our family. but i'm sure my Mom is freaking out since it's only a few weeks away, but wait todays date is April First!!!!!! ........ APRIL FOOLS!!! lol, sorry, Rachel really did text me about this, but she couln't keep it going for too long since i'm such a sucker for these kinds of things. I called Adam just after talking to my sister, and he fell for it too, but he wasn't so happy about it. He's not too excited for the guy my sister has fallen for and after I told him that it was April Fools, he was well, relieved is the best word for it. I just was astounded that Rachel was going to get engaged even earlier than i did. Well, I hope everyone is having a great April Fools Day. Mia and I are. :P

Other than that, we are doing great. We went to the vistor Center at the Mesa Temple for FHE yesterday, and was amazed at the photos they have displayed there. They are a collection called Reflections of Christ. everyone should look at his amazing pictures. They are all live and the people are all part of the cast for the Easter Pagent here in Mesa.