Friday, August 1, 2008

An Exciting Summer

Wow! So much has gone on since I last updated my blog, good and bad, but let's start with the bad. Adam at the end of May lost his job, because of the economy, and was out of work for about 2 months. He just got a new job a few weeks ago, and has loved being back to work. ( good thing we had a savings!) Also, Trick or Treat, AKA Tricky, my parents cat died in June. She was about 16 years old, and had some thyroid problems, so I feel ok that she is not in pain anymore.

Now for th exciting news:!!! Mia can sit up, scoot forward and backwards on the floor all by herself, and just recently gets on her knees and rocks back and forth. I just know that she will be crawling any day now! She's going to be into everything soon. :) I think every mom gets excited for these new accomplishments of their children, but is also a little worried about what they will get into. I need to start baby proofing my house.

Also, this summer, Mia and I have taken swim lessons. It's been so much fun! she's learned to just lay on her back in the water, blow bubbles (or face plant), kick, jump into the pool, and even go under water. Most of the time she never even coughed coming out, which means that she didn't swallow any water. We did the lessons with a friend of ours Debra-Jo and her son Tyson, who just turned a year old. We can't wait to do it again next year, and maybe she'll remember all her great skills.

Now for on of the best news of all! Adam and I have been talking about adopting a cat, and last night he calls me up saying I should start looking. We found one that would be great for our family, and we are going to visit her tonight! Her name is Clohie. She is great at acrobatics and very adventurous, but can love to watch you or just sit and cuddle. She is a black cat with blue eyes and which socks, aka: paws. Hopefully we will get to take her home. I'll have to let you know when we find out. And post pictures soon.


The Hutchison's said...

It's about time you guys updated your blog! :) I am glad to hear your summer has been going good. I will see you Monday at the luch-in hopefully!

Lisa said...

Baby swim lessons! How fun! And shes crawling now too! She is going to be running all over the place when I see her next! I bet she loves having a new kitty.

debrajo said...

Hey! You have a totally cute blog! Come check ours out at And we LOVED doing swimming lessons with you!