Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Recently I've been thinking about how Jenna and John, my two youngest siblings, keep themselves occupied. Many of the times when I go to visit my Mom, Jenna and/or John are on the computer playing with their webkins. I just think about how I played with my other sister Rachel. Our Favorite thing to do was play with our Barbies. We set up the town and made new clothes for them, but my favorite thing to do with them was to build a house. One time, after I really had outgrown playing with them, but RAchel conned me into playing with her, I made a house out of cardboard and shoeboxes. hehehe :) It was like 5'X 5' at least. I still chuckle at the memories we had together. There were no other kids our age in the neighbor hood of 7 or 8 houses back in New Jersey. We became the best of friends. I miss her, but she will be home from BYU in about a week!! YAY!! This picture is of where our house was, but the area looks much different than when we moved to AZ about 10 years ago.