Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its been forever since i have posted, but everytime I sit down to do it, Mia turns off the computer or something else goes wrong so that I can't finish it. But those are just lame excuses. So here goes:

Well, lets start with Mia! She has grown so much in the last few months. She is walking everywhere and talks to me and herself all day long. She has 4 teeth, and i think a few more on the way, and is such a spoiled brat. Also, I trimmed the back of her hair about a month ago and already it fits back into a ponytail. She just grows too fast. Oh, and the most recent achievement is that she discovered how to give "kisses" to Mommy last night! It was so sweet! even if they are open mouth. :)

Now for Adam. He has recently started working for some friends of ours helping renovate their house. He's doing everything from installing doors to putting in tile all over the house. He's getting really strong!! He has about 1 week left of school, and he's off for the break. He's I more semester closer to graduating! YAY!

And ME, Liz: I recently started a job for Respit. I watch a 11-year old girl named Tressa before and after school. I've only done about 1 1/2 weeks so i'm still learning the ropes, but it seems to be going pretty good. Tressa has downsyndrome, but is a sweetheart, and loves Mia. Also, I've discovered I like to make bread. I've made it everyweek (until i started my job) and the two loaves I make are gone within about 5 days. sounds like at least one of us like it. Now i just need to learn how to


Dedra said...

oh...what happened to the rest of your blog?
Mia is sure getting big! she has sooo much hair!

Sherri Romney said...

Your little girl is BEAUTIFUL. Glad I found your blog! Sherri

debrajo said...

Waiting for a new post!